So in 2012, when each time zone changes to 12/21, does that mean everyone dies seperately? Because if that’s the case I’ll just get on a plane and fly around the world for a few hours until everyone’s done dying, then come back down and be the only person alive. Fuck yeah.


now that you are sharing this with tumblr, only the tumblr people will be alive.

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i honestly enjoy long romantic walks to the fridge.

me in the morning: Nah, I'm not hungry
me in the afternoon: Eh I'll eat later
me in the evening: Oh I haven't eat yet? Oh...well that sucks
me at 3am while the rest of the house is asleep: LET'S ORDER THREE PIZZAS AND DIP THEM IN CAKE JESUS CHRIST I'M STARVING


you my dear friend, have the IQ of a tickle me elmo. 


That can’t be right

I think I just had a miniature heart attack.

- Where’s my wasabi?
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